Meet Lincoln.

With over 20+ years of corporate marketing experience and, most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, Lincoln Parks has become one of the leading digital marketing strategy consultants, working with Community Banks, Small Businesses, Medical, and Corporations to provide a high-level of digital marketing and technological change.

WebMobileFusion CEO

Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting


Learn how to take your customers from Awareness to becoming Raving Fans. Walk away with your 90-day growth plan in hand.

Lincoln holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from DeVry University in Technical Management & Business Entrepreneurship. Regarding Digital & Innovation, Lincoln's view radically differs from the norm.  With Lincoln as a clear leader at the helm, he can champion innovation at all levels of any organization.

Atlanta Heart Associates

I'm Local Podcast

In your own backyard, discover hidden Gems! Tune in to I'm Local, the podcast that shines a spotlight on the stories, passion, and grit behind your favorite neighborhood businesses.
Forget mass-produced chains. We're diving deep into the heart of local entrepreneurs. Hear their journeys, from the spark of inspiration to daily triumphs and challenges. Discover what makes their businesses unique, their values, and the products or services that add flavor to your community.

I'm Local is your guide to rediscovering the hidden gems right under your nose.


In this episode of the I'm Local podcast, Lincoln Parks interviews Kamal and Susan, the owners of Events AT 2120. They share their journey of starting their business and the challenges they faced along the way.


In this podcast episode, Lincoln Parks interviews Kevin Callison from Modern Woodman Financial. Kevin shares his background and how he came to the Henry County community. He discusses his passion for building financial planning.


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